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If you are a Californian, your car is most likely your second home. At Azusa Auto Spa, with delicacy and precision, we treat your vehicle as such!

Our details are in the details. We have been working with all types of vehicles since 1985 and understand the importance of a true quality wash that does not apply pain to the wallet.

From Lamborghinis to Hyundais, our wash technicians provide the same degree of excellence to each vehicle they treat: consistent, tender loving care! We are an environmentally conscious community, only using 100% recycled water.

So sit back, enjoy a cup of complimentary organic coffee in the shade outside or in our cozy interior. Catch up on work with Azusa Auto Spa’s free wifi, and drive away with a smile!

Client Testimonials

“I have been going to this car wash for a couple of years and they never seem to let me down! There’s always a smiling face that greets me when I pull up and a smiling face that gives me my keys on my way out. I love that they are a hand washing place because I know my whole car will get cleaned! Did I mention they have a STUDENT DISCOUNT?!”

Jemmie Q., Elk Grove, CA

“Nice place!  100% hand wash!  Someone throw up in my car after too much drinking…. it was all over the outside of the car and inside on the door also the floor mats….. they did a really good job on cleaning all those dirts and now it doesn’t smell at all… will come back for sure!!! Hopefully will never bring my car back like this again.”

Artemis Z., Tacoma, WA

“I swear by this car wash. I’m not even a local, but I’m in the area often so usually try to hold off on a wash till then. Best prices and great work. Love a car wash that offers free wash after your 9th wash, I’ve definitely cashed in. Only way to improve is to offer “Rainy Day” protection. Never had to wait an unacceptable amount of time, which is almost unheard of compared to all the other car washes I’ve been to.”

Bear L., Long Beach, CA

“I started taking my Car here weekly spending a little over $20 every time. The quality of work made me feel like I was underpaying and the compliments I received when I drove people around was reassuring. I definitely recommend this place not just because it’s so affordable but because the owner takes pride in his work and will make sure you leave a satisfied customer.”

Darwin H., Whittier, CA

“Came here because of the reviews. I was not disappointed. The owner is a really nice guy, I was surprised. You don’t get this kind of service anywhere nowadays. Other places I’ve been to, people walk around and look at you like they have a chip on their shoulder. Like your going to ask for a free car wash or something. It’s ridiculous.”

Dustin G., Covina, CA

“As I drove in, I was greeted by the owner. He could tell I was a first-timer because I parked instead of going to the front (there’s actually a line starting at the stop sign). He was really friendly and the car wash was exquisite. I received the Diamond Wash. I watched the employees clean my car and it was almost a full detail without the detail price. I’ll be coming back.”

Martavis P., Orange County, CA